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With almost 20 years' experience, Rosanna has been exposed to all aspects of the mortgage industry, enabling her to use her knowledge to successfully adapt in a fast paced and challenging environment.


With an approachable attitude, clients and external stakeholders can feel comfortable liaising with Rosanna due to her extensive understanding of the industry and her “can do” mindset.


As Head of Mortgage Operations, she constantly strives to achieve high results and excels at motivating and inspiring her team to exceed expectations. Rosanna aims to deliver a smooth and positive process, with an emphasis on efficiency and accuracy.


Rosanna’s team manages high volume transactions with the utmost proficiency and care. From inception to completion including; mortgage preparation and verification followed on with high volume settlements for advances and discharges to post settlement requirements.

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Rosanna Hough
Head of Mortgage Operations



+61 3 9110 3921

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