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Wills & Estates

A well-drafted will is the most effective way to ensure your legacy is secure. If you do not have a will in place when you pass, legislative provisions will determine how your estate is distributed. This can result in outcomes that may not be entirely consistent with your wishes.

Our team has significant experience in drafting wills and representing our clients in ensuring their final wishes are met. We work with you to understand your situation and your wishes, and to tailor a solution to meet your needs. As well as drafting the will, our team can review family trusts or business structures, implement testamentary discretionary trusts, or prepare an enduring power of attorney.

We offer services in the following areas;

•  Simple wills;
•  Complex wills, including testamentary trusts;
•  Family discretionary trusts;
•  Asset protection planning;
•  Superannuation succession planning; and
•  Enduring Powers of Attorney.

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